Ice creams, like relationships, can be counterintuitive and contrarian.

She loves sunshine, rainbow, and stuffed animals. He likes dark roast, aged leather, and vintage cameras. They rarely agree on anything and always argue, even on trivial matters as colors of a dress or the size of cups. James is a maker and Lily is a dreamer. They can’t be any more different.

Yet, when it comes to ice cream, we can’t argue, Thai ice cream is the best there is. Rolling fresh fruits or crunchy crackers into a creamy, fluffy roll is a dessert you cannot refuse. We tried it, we loved it, and we want to make it and shared it with the world.

So here we are, James swearing by his tarty strawberries, and Lily clenching tight to her cookie and cream, ready to share with the world our favorite freshly made flavours. Or if you are adventurous, come up with your very own.

Fresh, hand made ice cream rolled inspired by the people of Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Everything is freeze within a minute and flavors never have a chance to escape. The result is an ice cream that tastes so fresh, you can't go back to the freezer stuff.

Full $5.97 | Petite $4.13

Double Strawberry
two strawberries, one inside, one on top
Cookie n Cream
classic oreo cookie, freshly chopped
Zesty Orange
zesty, bold, fragrant, and rich
peanut butter and pretzel, when sweet meets savory
Dole Chee
pineapple and lychee, a suprise tropical gettaway for your palette
top with watermelon
Key Lime Pie
lime juiced, zested, with cracker cruched
Saffron the Great
saffron and rose water cream, fresh lime zest
matcha cream top with mochi
Yuzu Matcha
matcha with citron honey and lemon zest
Tahini & Honey
with celery
Milk Chocolate Strawberry
half vanilla, half chocolate, fresh strawberry
Milk Chocolate Orange
half vanilla, half chocolate, fresh orange zest
Dark Chocolate Cookie&Cream
chocolate ice cream mix with oreo
Dark Chocolate PB&P
chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzel for the crunch
Cafe de Olla
chocolate, cold brew, agave, orange zest, cinnamon

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